Controlling Privacy With Blinds and Shutters

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Controlling Privacy and the mood of a room with Blinds and Shutters

There are a wide range of blinds on the market nowadays and each of them offer ways to control privacy. If you are looking to control your privacy but still want to allow in a good amount of light, making the right choice of window dressing is important. Blinds and shutters provide a great way to create an atmosphere in your room whether it’s an opaque window blind that reduces the glare of the summer sun or traditional slats that can run patterns across the carpet and furniture. Compared to curtains, blinds and shutters allow you to control this. It’s not just the light that comes through your windows but the ambience it creates inside.


If you want ultimate control and cool style, plantation shutters not only make a big statement about your home but keep the interior cool during hot summer days. These can open when you want to let in the fresh air or adjusted to allow in a trickle of light. They can also be tailor fitted to any window, including bay.

Plantation shutters installed Limehouse london privacy unusual bespoke wooden handmade


If you want more variety for your windows then  roller, vertical and pleated blinds create many different effects. These can be made to measure to fit any window size,  provide a flexible window dressing and also deliver a good degree of privacy just when you need it.

Venetian blinds:

If you want the style of plantation shutters but don’t want a fixed window dressing, then Venetian blinds can be the next best option. They have horizontal slats made from wood, metal or vinyl and are great for controlling the amount of light coming in from the outside. If you want the full impact of the sun, then you can lift the slats to the top of the window.

Vertical blinds:

These hang vertically and are easy to operate and a little easier to maintain because they don’t collect as much dust. We produce vertical blinds in a huge range of fabrics ranging from sheer to opaque, and you can order matching colour rollers to either existing window frames or the colour of the blind itself.

Roller blinds: Usually made of a single strip of material, you simply pull these straight down.  We manufacture Roller Blinds in a variety of materials and have unlimited designs. They can feature anywhere inside a home but frequently used in kitchens and bathrooms. Depending on the material, when fully pulled down they can give you a tremendous amount of privacy and also block out a good deal of light. Roller blinds also have a bigger range of designs and can create any mood you desire for the room where you have them installed.

Roman blinds:

When drawn, these blinds fold into pleats creating a wonderful traditional look. We stock a fantastic range of fabrics that we make into roman blinds for different purposes and levels of privacy.

Luxaflex blinds: we are a proud brand ambassador for Luxaflex blinds, we believe they truly are the highest quality available. They have a range of different blinds, each with their own features and benefits.

  • Duette – a unique honeycomb design feature to help insulate your home by trapping air inside to keep heat out in summer and warmth in during the winter.
  • Silhouette  – these feature soft, fabric vanes in an S shape which are designed to take even the harshest sunlight and transform it into softly diffused light. The blades rotate to allow complete control over the atmosphere of a room.
  • Twist – these blinds consist of two layers of fabrics which slide past each other to allow control of the lighting. They are wonderfully simple and stylish, and look stunning in rooms with extra large windows.

For controlling the privacy of any room, blinds and shutters are the ideal choice to the traditional curtains. You can get a mix of different types and a choice of electrically operated and manual installations. Most electric blinds you can even control via an app on your smartphone! If you want to add a good splash of colour and ambience to a room, they deliver a perfect combination of flexibility, ease of use and design elegance.

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