Get the Right Made To Measure Curtains for Your London Home

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Get the Right Made to Measure Curtains for Your London Home at Posner Interiors

When considering interior design, there are many factors to consider before choosing your made to measure curtains at Posner Interiors. What colour will the walls be? Which type of floor covering are you going to choose? Where’s the furniture going to be?

One area that many people tend to neglect in all this decision making is what kind of window furnishing they are going have. You could decide on traditional curtains or perhaps something modern looking like a contemporary set of electric blinds. You might even want to go more continental and choose shutters that not only add style but security to your home.

With so many different types of window furnishing on the market and plenty of variation within each category, as well as all the colours available, it can certainly be trouble picking the best option for each room.

First of all, windows are an essential focal point in any home, and you want them to look suitably impressive. It’s not a case of using the same approach for each part of your house; you probably want to choose the right blind, shutter or curtain style that works for the room.

For instance, if you want a bedroom where you can successfully shut out the light, then you might wish to well-lined curtains or think about high-quality blinds. You could choose something less substantial when it comes to your kitchen such as a blind where you get some outside light filtering through to add atmosphere.

Bespoke Curtains available in Essex

Posner Interiors have been providing interior design ideas for customers in Essex and London for the last 65 years, so we think we know just a little about the world of blinds, curtains and shutters. While it can be tempting to go for a pair of curtains on sale at the local supermarket, you might want to consider a tailored solution which takes a look at your whole interior design and creates an individual look for you and your home.

Generally, people don’t have all the options in front of them and talking to an expert who has worked with thousands of homes over the years can make all the difference. Not only are there a variety of different materials and designs when it comes to curtains, with other options such as blinds you have the choice of electric, slatted, pleated, vertical and roller to name just a few.

Bespoke solutions don’t just provide you with a matching look for your home – you also get a personal touch from someone who has experience in the field and cares about the end product in your home. They can tell you what works and what doesn’t, as well as come up with some ideas you may not consider before.

When you buy off the shelf, you all too often end up with something that isn’t quite right. At Posner we take all the measurements and discuss a wide range of options with you, casting a creative and honest eye over your windows to provide the perfect solution whether it’s shutters, blinds or curtains.

Looking for made to measure curtains in London and surrounding areas, we offer free advice and home consultation get in contact with one of our friendly staff today.

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