Dulux Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 – Tranquil Dawn

Dulux Pantone Colour of the Year 2020 from Living Coral to Tranquil Dawn

In 2019 Living Coral became the must-have colour in clothing, tech gadgets, and of course, home decor. Fashionistas describe Living Coral as a pinky peachy Instagram sunset colour, based on the natural pigmentation of a ‘healthy’ ocean coral. The experts gave it the accolade for its animated and vibrant hue, which energises and enlivens an interior with a softer edge.


Featuring the Living Coral Pantone in your interior design will provide an injection of colour that freshens up and lifts the mood in a space. Living Coral has a playful side that appeals to our more exuberant self by offering an innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.

Tranquil Dawn Luxaflex Blinds

Implementing a neutral pallet Into Your Home or Office Space

Fast forward a year, and the colour of the year has moved to Tranquil Dawn or a shade of green, according to paint brand Dulux. Living Coral represented the colour of a healthy ocean. What they didn’t consider before choosing it is climate change and the associated destruction of reefs worldwide.

It appears that Dulux recognises the global climate emergency with their choice of colour for 2020. Tranquil Dawn embodies the nation’s mood, with a nod to elements of the natural landscape. It reflects a desire to feel more human. The experts claim that Tranquil Dawn sits between the land and the sky on a misty morning. It’s a much softer, more muted iteration that will be easier to use in your interior design.
Pairing Tranquil Dawn with a neutral pallet creates a calming influence that’s incredibly easy to live within your home. The laid-back look combines rich jewel tones or deeper shades; it awakens and empowers a space.

Dulux reached a verdict after 18 months of research. Their decision has got the backing from a panel of experts from the fields of interior design and architecture. Plus leading trend forecasters in fashion, interior design, cultural changes, and socioeconomic factors.