Retractable Electric Awnings London

Retractable electric awnings can provide extra living space in your garden, veranda, or balcony. Read in the shade, tan in controlled conditions, or dine outside without getting rained on. All you need is an awning. Lower or raise your canopy, and pre-set it to the ideal position, effortlessly, at the touch of a button. We provide a full service in helping you select the right type of awning for your needs. One of our specialists will call your home and help you choose the correct type of canopy. Whether you choose a fully-cassetted, semi-cassetted, or top box, you have a choice of colours, lighting, and heaters. You can even control yours from your phone!

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How do Electric Awnings Work?

Standard manual awnings can effectively make your outdoor area more attractive, but a retractable electric canopy can provide that extra bit of convenience. A motorised electric awning automatically moves through a wireless remote, or smart app on your phone or tablet. They can have a sun sensor to come out when it’s sunny and retract in when it’s too windy.

Are Electric Awnings Reliable?

Posner Interiors offers a range of electric awnings and manual awnings made in Germany. Once installed at your property, our awnings come with a 10-year guarantee that covers arms breaking and fabric fading.

What Further Advantages Should I Consider Before Installing An Awning At My Property?

Besides offering an attractive addition to your property, awnings provide extra room to the house. Lights and heaters are optional.

How Much Are Electric Awnings?

Prices for electric awnings start at around £3-4k including consultation and installtion.

How To Clean Electric Awnings?

The fabric is coated in a Teflon which protects and cleans the fabric so you don’t have to.

Can I Install A Retractable Awning By Myself?

You can, but the Manufacturer’s Warranty is offered from a qualified installer, which could lead to no warranty on your product.

What's The Best All Year Round Solution?

The Pergola is the best solution for all year round use. It has large front posts to support the fabric and protect you from stronger winds and rain, or a glass roof with shading underneath. We can also enclose the area with glass sliding doors around the front and sides to create a classroom.