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Specialist Curtain Fitters London

At Posner Interiors, we specialise in professional curtain installation service. We have thousands of materials and fabrics to choose from for your home or commercial space. Along with a selection of designer labels to enhance the way your windows and doors look.

We aim to take the pain out of selecting window or door dressing, by helping customers make the right decisions for their particular space and environment.

Our interior design expertise and wealth of experience put us in good stead when giving advice and tips on putting on the finishing touches to your home. We provide a carefully selected choice of materials based on your tastes. We can even complete the furnishings themselves through our contract furnishing department.

Order professional curtain fitting services in London and create an elegant look and functionality for your home and office.

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How do I choose curtains for my home?

By visiting our showroom to see the styles and materials available, we then offer a free home consultation with the fabrics you have selected.

What fabric is best for curtains?

Lots of fabrics are suitable. The lining makes a big difference to the finish and quality of the curtains made by our production team.

How long should curtains be in a living room?

It depends on the quality of the window dressing product. With our hand sewn made to measure curtains, we recommend a dry clean after around 5-7 years, and they should last up to 10-15 years.

How far below a window should curtains hang?

Full length to the floor looks best, however, if there’s a deep radiator below, it’s not the most practical option.

Do sheers have to be the same length as curtains?

The length of sheers and curtains depends on the style of a window and how deep the window sill sits.

Should curtains be longer than the window?

yes, full-length curtains will make a room look taller and give better insulation and stop more light if installed in a bedroom.

Can you use long curtains on short windows?

Having long curtains on short windows depends on the proportions of a room. If the window is small and square then maybe consider a roman blind instead, but for a Victorian sash window, a full-length curtain would suit.