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Posner Interiors provide a local service supplying and installing the most exceptional quality plantation shutters and blins. Our interior window dressing service covers London, Essex, Surrey and Hertfordshire. We offer an unrivalled range of materials, colours, and options plus the expert advice and recommendations needed to find a made-to-measure solution to match every home, requirement, and budget.

All of our interior wooden shutters come with up to 5 years warranty to help safeguard your investment, and you can rest assured that you’ll receive a high level of after-sales support to match.

Customers are always asking which option is the best for their home when it comes to window furnishings. A lot depends on what look you want to achieve and how this fits with your current interior decor. Here are four great reasons to choose interior plantation shutters.

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Where are your plantation shutters made?

The largest plantation shutter factory in the world is in China. If you want sustainable plantation shutters, China offers the best value for money and quality available on the market today.

Can I have mine painted in a colour of my choice?

Yes, you can request to have shutters painted in the colour of your choice. We can arrange to bring samples for the initial consultation.

Can I get a sample of the material?

Yes, we can provide a sample for you to inspect the quality of our shutters.

What is my warranty?

You get a 2-year manufacturer warranty, however, single blades can be replaced easily if broken. Please contact us immediately if this happens to a shutter blade so we can arrange a replacement.

How long will they last?

The life expectancy for shutters is approximately 15-20 years.

How do I clean my shutters?

Simply wash your shutters with a cloth and waters. You can use mild detergent but don’t use any cleaning products with bleach.

Do shutters add value to your home?

yes, shutters can add value to your home and more importantly security.

What is the best material for shutters?

MDF is the most common, but the solid wood is lighter and will last longer. MDF can swell and rot if you get condensation on the windows often.

How much are shutters for a house?

Prices range depending on the number of windows and shapes and sizes. To give a rough idea, including installation prices range between £250-400 per square metre.

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