The Body Studio at Selfridges

The Body Studio project at Selfridges includes the installation of the curtains and upholstery for the seating and wall panels in the VIP changing rooms.

The Body Studio Refurbishment at Selfridges


Selfridges sets the benchmark globally for high-end fashion and beauty. Over the past five years, the luxury department store has undergone a £300 million refurbishment. The Body Studio at 3440m² of retail space is the largest department store dedicated to women’s bodywear. The area unites women leisurewear and includes lingerie, sportswear, leisurewear, hosiery and swimwear.

Architects Neri&Hu used the Body Studio collection, targeting women’s life and wellbeing, to create an interior design that takes customers on a journey through the enigmatic moods of women. Combining design references from Japan and California, the free-flowing third-floor concept consists of large brass and oak lanterns over the escalators, to a stunning oak veneered vestibule leading to the VIP rooms. The Shoji screens on the floor wrap around the interior courtyard. The designers lit up space in-store with LED sheets, which replicate the lucent light of a traditional Japanese tea house.

Hu described the design for the Studio as: “a layered approach to space with custom furniture and display fixture specifically made for each area with boundaries blurred between modern and classical, inside and outside, light and dark with an overarching architecture outline that ties the Studio as a whole.

The Interior Design Project


Neri&Hu worked closely with the team at Selfridges to create an iconic department store that complements the luxurious, feline and uncluttered aesthetic to keep in tune with the Selfridges brand. They gave each category its own identity with intelligent lighting alongside different materials. The power of the light concept reinforces the design vision rather than taking over and creating an intrusive environment for the customer. It feels intimate, calming and more personal shopping experience for women, with a focus on their wellbeing and feeling beautiful.

One lighting innovation the designers’ installed means customers get a different experience depending on what time of the day they visit. During daylight hours, natural light floods the space from the courtyard and oversized skylights. Of an evening, the Body Studio transforms into a warm and visually stimulating retail space, where the lighting tells a store and showcases the different contrast between the areas.

The exquisite sheer curtains and bespoke furniture utilise the best possible colour palette to complement the light levels within the Studio. The bespoke fitting rooms deliver a contemporary feel with different sized rectangles and squares to create an asymmetrical look.

The creative approach to a department store feels refreshing and well-executed as an immersive shopping experience. You can access the Body Studio from the east side of the store, located on Oxford Street.