How to dress a bay window

How to dress a bay window with blinds and curtains

Find out how to dress a bay window with blinds and curtains by the experts at Posner Interiors. Houses built during the Victorian era contain many stunning features including cast iron fireplaces, high ceilings, stained glass doors and coloured brickwork. However, the most instantly recognisable feature of a Victorian House is the bay windows.
Whether your home is a traditional victorian house or a modern new build, we can dress yours to perfection.
Bay windows are a beautiful centrepiece in any room, but with extra windows and angles to work around, dressing them can be a challenge. Taking the time to consider how best to dress your bay window is well worth the effort and can create a truly striking effect or sense of drama.

Choosing the right curtains


The first step is to choose the right length of material for your bay window curtains. There are two types of bay windows, if the bay area continues to the floor, choose a full-length curtain drop to emphasise the height of the room. For bays with window seats, they may require a curtain drop above or just below the sill to ensure the material doesn’t gather or compromise the finish of the window. Aesthetically curtains offer a stylish, luxurious look. You can go bright and bold or contemporary and understated; it’s all down to personal taste. Curtains provide many practical benefits, including blocking the sunlight, reducing draughts and helping to keep heat inside your home.

Choosing the right blinds


If you have curtains for purely decorative purposes and not for drawing across every day, combining them with a custom-made blind is an ideal solution. Roman blinds soften the visual harshness of a completely exposed window and work seamlessly with curtains. Curved bay windows require a bespoke design for each glass pane to look genuinely luxurious in the evening, and for folding up neatly into soft pleats whenever the sun is shining. A top tip when choosing your roman blinds is to consider the colour of your curtains. Plain curtains lend themselves well to decorate prints on blinds.

Choosing the right shutters


The popular Victorian style shutters for bay windows can transform your home interior. Tier-on-tier shutters are a versatile option as the top opens independently of each other. You can throw open the top set to let some sunlight in a while keeping the bottom set closed for privacy. Our made to measure plantation shutters come in slatted or a solid wood finish. Top tip, If you match the shutters closely with the window paintwork, they appear seamless, almost disappearing.

From curved bays and angled windows to multifaceted bay and bow windows, there are many different types of bay windows on homes in London. The shape of a bay window is unique; it’s crucial to select a bespoke window covering that will fit perfectly with your interior and exterior of your house.

The key to a successful bay window dressing is getting professional advice on what will work best for your home. Call us today to book an appointment and consultation.